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The Crown – Eternal Death


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First re-press with the new shortened name The Crown. Still on original Swedish label Black Sun The Crown's second album, Eternal Death, is an evil-filled romp through the usual death and doom, but this time with a twist. The band starts its slow incorporation of speed metal elements here, adapting techniques and tricks that are straight out of the Kreator/Nuclear Assault handbook. Everything is slightly better than last time; the riffs are more vicious, the melodies are catchier, the songs are tighter, and even the cover art is a little more evil. The usual lyrics of fantasy and Satan love make their home on the album, but vocalist Johan Lindtrand hasn't changed a bit, so the lyric sheet is still necessary to know any of that. This impressive, aggressive music allows the group to develop into a better outfit. Fans of the band will enjoy Eternal Death, and any death or speed metal fan who is curious enough should give this a listen — it won't be a disappointment. Track listing: 1. Angels Die 2. Beautiful Evil Soul 3. In Bitterness And Sorrow 4. The Black Heart 5. World Within 6. The Serpent Garden 7. Kill (The Priest) 8. Misery Speaks 9. Hunger 10. Death of God

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