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The Crown – Hell Is Here


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Yes, hell has certainly arrived to poison your ears in the form of The Crown. They serve you their own brand of fast-paced death metal with the occasional heavy metal part thrown in for good measure. There´s some good variations in the songs to make sure they never get one-dimensional despite pummelling through most of them at hyper speed. The drumming of Janne Saarenpaa on this release is something extra, he really gets to sweat blood, and he drives the songs so fast forward you´re left gasping for air. It´s really hard to single out tracks here, with basically all of them being satanically good, but “The Poison” would have to be my pick of the minute, a furious one to bang your head to (if you can take the pace), although that could have changed come tomorrow. This is a high quality release of modern death metal, just don´t go expecting US-style brutalism, this album focuses on songs, speed and satan. A combination you can´t really go wrong with, and I´d say this is probably their most accomplished release. Now take the poison! Track listing: 1. The Poison 2. At The End 3. 1999 – Revolution 666 4. Dying Of The Heart 5. Electric Night 6. Black Lightning 7. The Devil And The Darkness 8. Give You Hell 9. Body And Soul 10. Mysterion 11. Death By My Side

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