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The Cure ‎–20 Years dcd


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Double cd

In February 2000 The Cure played 10 gigs to promote their new record, Bloodflowers. The tour started in Hamburg on the 1st of February and it was followed by this show at the Ancienne in Brussels, Belgium on the 3rd of February. This second night of the promo tour was far better than the previous gig as the venue had better light show and the crowd were far more enthusiastic. Roger and Simon looked tired but at the same time very happy to be back on stage again. Out Of This World might not open the show the way Plainsong or Want did in the past as there were built up of atmosphere but by the second track Watching Me Fall got the crowd going. Overall a 100 minute show and a good taster for the upcoming Dream Tour. The album also features 5 tracks from The Roxy in Usa from that tour, taped on the 23rd of February 2000, as well as two bonus cover tunes.

Track list:
1. Out Of This World
2. Watching Me Fall
3. Want
4. Fascination Street
5. The Last Day Of Summer
6. Maybe Someday
7. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
8. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
9. 39
10. Prayers For Rain
11. One Hundred Years
12. Bloodflowers
13. A Strange Day
14. A Forest
15. In Between Days-The Roxy February 23rd 2000
16. Prayers For Rain-The Roxy February 23rd 2000
17. Bloodflowers-The Roxy February 23rd 2000
18. The Figurehead-The Roxy February 23rd 2000
19. Disintegration-The Roxy February 23rd 2000
20. Young Americans-David Bowie cover
21. Purple Haze-Jimi Hendrix cover

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