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The Cure ‎–Rome 2 Paris dvd


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The Cure’s Robert Smith is a love cat with nine lives. He’s the groovy big sister you always wished you had, a swirl of big, sticky hair and lipstick and New Wave angst. He still reigns as the coolest lesbian rock star of all time, even if he’s technically a straight guy. In 2004 The Cure were on the roll again with an album that were their most adventurous and passionate since Disintegration. Before Three, Lost and (I Don’t Know What’s Going) On were jaw-droppingly great hymns to romantic obsession — the Cure’s specialty. This dvd captures live material from two shows during the following tour for the album, one from Rome on the 18th of November 2004 and the other from Paris the night afterward. There are also a bonus documentary from Much Musics Bios so overall a great disc for any fan of the band

Track list:
1. Three Imaginary Boys-Rome 18th of November 2004
2. Fascination Street-Rome 18th of November 2004
3. High-Rome 18th of November 2004
4. Let’s Go To Bed-Rome 18th of November 2004
5. Lovesong-Rome 18th of November 2004
6. Inbetween Days-Rome 18th of November 2004
7. Play For Today-Rome 18th of November 2004
8. Boys Don’t Cry-Rome 18th of November 2004
9. The End Of The World-Rome 18th of November 2004
10. Pictures Of You-Lyon 19th of November 2004
11. Lullaby-Lyon 19th of November 2004
12. Alt.End-Lyon 19th of November 2004
13. Inbetween Days-Lyon 19th of November 2004
14. Friday I’m In Lov-Lyon 19th of November 2004
15. Just Like Heave-Lyon 19th of November 2004
16. A Forest-Lyon 19th of November 2004
17. The Lovecats-Lyon 19th of November 2004
18. Boys Don’t Cry-Lyon 19th of November 2004
19. Much Musics Bios-Documentary

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