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The Dead Creed –Pieces To Heal A Soul In The Darkest Hour cd


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The Dead Creed is an acoustic metal project influenced by Monasticism and Ascetic Life. It is a one man project by Thomas Eremite from the Thessaloniki based death metal group The Psalm. All music and performance are genuine. No digital signals/samples were used. The album also includes two interesting cover versions. Listen at maximum volume in total Darkness, Breathe it In. Share to someone in need. It heals.

Track list:
1. The Great Schema
2. Sackcloth
3. Cypress
4. Rassophore
5. Metamorphosis
6. Zoe En Tapho-Nocturnal Vomit cover
7. The Darkest Hour-Amebix cover
8. Dead Shall Arise

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