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The Defaced ‎–Karma In Black cd


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The Defaced are back with their powerful second album that combines gut-wrenching brutality with dynamic melody to create quality Swedish metal that remains fresh and original. Features Henry Ranta of Soilwork, and Jorgen Lofberg and Klas Ideberg of Darkane, and Karma In Black has some catchy and heavy metal licks and Swedish roots. If Soilwork has gotten a bit stale for your taste and the likes of Omnium Gathering seem a tad too extreme, then satisfy your thirst for Swedish thrash with this great release from a great band.

Track list:
1. Fumes From The Swamp
2. Once In Between
3. 10 Vs 9
4. Exit Body On Mass
5. Beneath My Swirl
6. A Moment Of Clarity
7. The Fading Suns
8. Soulsides
9. Forever Winding
10. Karma In Black

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