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The Embassy –Life In The Trenches lp


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Still sealed so cant confirm the colour of the vinyl

The Embassy are a Swedish band from Gothenburg whose approach to indie pop proved hugely influential to bands like the Tough Alliance, Jens Lekman, and Air France. Life In The Trenches collects 13 hard-to-find-tracks, most of which haven’t appeared on an album and they hang together surprisingly well as a whole. This music’s vibrant lushness is most evident on the two newest tracks, the stoic strummer You Tend to Forget and loping fake-it-til-you-make-it manual St8, both 2009 singles. As I said Life In The Trenches features lots of non-album tracks so I recommend anyone into the band to get this album so you can hear these overlooked architects featuring some of the past decade’s best new sounds.

Track list:
1. You Tend To Forget
2. Puttgarden
3. Information
4. Flipside Of A Memory
5. New Plans
6. Heathrow
7. Make Me Sad
8. St8
9. No Thanks
10. C’Est La Vie
11. E6
12. I Lay Awake
13. Who Put The Ass In Embassy?!

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