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The Haunted – One Kill Wonder [swedish version]


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Swedish version with the bonus track 'Creed'. Did you ever imagine a band would finally rival the all-time Godz of Thrash? – we mean the Mighty and untouchable Slayer, of course. Well, The Haunted have come damn close, and look poised to breakthrough and join that elite group of superstar thrash bands with their stunning third album. The Haunted write the most brilliantly brutal riffs along with killer hooks and catchy melodies, while breathing new life, heaviness and aggression into the genre in the process and rightly leading the New Wave of Swedish Thrash Metal. The flawless drum performance pummels from the get go, the razor-sharp riffs will blister skin at ten paces – 'One Kill Wonder' is an all-out-attack on the senses. Track listing: 1. Privation Of Faith 2. God Puppet 3. Shadow World 4. Everlasting 5. D.O.A. 6. Demon Eyes 7. Urban Predator 8. Downward Spiral 9. Shithead 10. Bloodletting 11. One Kill Wonder 12. Creed

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