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The Haunted -Road Kill dvd/cd


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Dvd and CD in super jewelcase

The Haunted haven’t managed to slow down one bit, after 6 albums, three of them being after Peter came back, we have the band’s first live cd with Peter Dolving on vocals. The energy of the performance, which took place at the Melweg in Amsterdam in 2009, is captured pretty well on the audio recording, a feat that some bands live albums (e.g The Tokyo Showdown) cant get right. And its all the more impressive as bassist Jonas Bjorler apparently had food poisoning that night. This is the first time songs like Trespass and DOA have been released on an album with Dolving on vocals and if youve ever seen the band live youd know that he does a great job singing Marco Aros songs anyway. The album features a full live show and then finish of with five unreleased tracks from the Versus sessions. The style of these songs ranges from being somewhat fast and heavy like on Revolver and Versus to the more experimental style heard on The Dead Eye, and even a little from the first album thrown in. The dvd features an in-depth, very unique On The Road movie that will break the myths of touring. If you love modern thrash metal then this is worth every penny

Track listing:
1. Road Kill-On The Road With The Haunted
2. Little Cage-live at Melkweg Amsterdam 2009
3. The Drowning-live at Melkweg Amsterdam 2009
4. The Premonition-live at Melkweg Amsterdam 2009
5. The Flood-live at Melkweg Amsterdam 2009
6. The Medication-live at Melkweg Amsterdam 2009
7. Moronic Colossus-live at Melkweg Amsterdam 2009
8. All Against All-live at Melkweg Amsterdam 2009
9. Trenches-live at Melkweg Amsterdam 2009
10. Faultline-live at Melkweg Amsterdam 2009
11. 99-live at Melkweg Amsterdam 2009
12. All Against All-promo video
13. No Compromise-promo video
14. The Flood-promo video
15. The Drowning-promo video
16. Moronic Colossus-promo video
17. Trenches-promo video

Cd track list:
1. Little Cage
2. The Drowning
3. Trespass
4. The Premonition
5. The Flood
6. Medication
7. Moronic Colossus
8. D.O.A.
9. All Against All
10. In Vein
11. Trenches
12. Dark Intentions
13. Bury Your Dead
14. Faultline
15. 99
16. Hate Song
17. Sacrifice-studio bonus track
18. Meat Wagon-studio bonus track
19. Walk On Water-studio bonus track
20. Seize The Day-studio bonus track
21. Infernalis Mundi-studio bonus track

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