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Need quality death metal fast, press...

The Heaviest Encyclopedia Of Swedish Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Ever book


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Published by: Premium Publishing 2013
912 pages written in English
Written by: Janne Stark

Still sealed hardbound book with a massive 4kg weight. Comes with cd featuring unreleased material

This is, by far, the biggest encyclopedia of Swedish Hard Rock and Heavy metal – Ever. You will find information on over 3 600 bands, ranging from the fluffiest AOR to the blackest of metal and
anything inbetween, starting way back in 1970 to date. Detailed biographies, discographies, members information, hometowns, geographical index with a map and a members index including over 11 700 names. All of it topped off with never before published band photos and over 4 700 record covers. Also featuring a simple price indication guide. The Heaviest Encyclopedia Of Swedish Hard Rock is the third, and most complete, encyclopedia by the renowned music-journalist and guitar-player Janne Stark.

Track list:
1. Ambush -Don´t Stop (Let Them Burn)
2. Eddy Malm Band -Turn In Down
3. Hellacoaster -Mani Jack
4. Ice Age -General Alert
5. Master Massive -Time Out Of Mind
6. Macbeth -Sounds Of A Hurricane
7. The Hidden -For Gods Ache
8. Voltergeist -Desperate Highway
9. Painkillaz -Lost My Religion
10. Zoom Cllub -Walking On Stilts
11. Rawburt -Psycho Man
12. Monica Maze Band -Eyes Of The Living
13. Straitjackets -Stripped To The Bone