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The Hives ‎–Howlin To The World cd


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When three-chord rock like The Strokes and White Stripes became rock journalists favourite flavour, then more journalists and labels started to look for more bands to ride on the current wave.One band that already was on the move was The Hives that had started out in the rock’n’roll backwater of Fagersta, Sweden back in 1993. This album was recorded at the Piteå Dansar Och Ler Festival on the 26th of July 2001. Howlin Pelle Almqvist seems to enjoy this large crowd in Sweden and he shakes his floppy mop and has an antics that are up there with those of Iggy Pop, Michael Hutchence and Scooby Doo’s Shaggy. He’s on a clear mission to become one that has that iconic status of a rock frontman. You can’t fake musical tightness, and the backing Hives, led by powerhouse guitarist Carlstroem, are undeniably sharp and tracks like Main Offender and Hate To Say I Told You So roar along like runaway punk trains. Smug? Retro? Guilty on both counts, but they’re so entertaining that the Hives could spread like a rash. This album also features 3 rare studio outtakes and a track with Mock Orange who performs their track that is called The Hives

Track list:
1. Howlin Pelle Talks To The Kids
2. Declare Guerre Nucleaire
3. Outsmarted
4. Die Allright
5. Mad Man
6. Here We Go Again
7. State Control
8. Hate To Say I Told You So
9. Hail Hail Spit And Drool
10. A K A Idiot
11. Lost And Found
12. Main Offender
13. A Get Together To Tear It Apart
14. Supply And Demand
15. Inspection Wise 1999
16. Metric System In Time
17. Howlin’ Pelle Talks To The Kids
18. Ramanda
19. Barely Homosapien
20. Mock Orange -The Hives
21. Back In Black

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