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The Jam ‎–Set The House Ablaze dvd


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First-wave mod punks led by Paul Weller, who began as energetic Who clones but quickly became a distinct and proudly British combo. Set The House Ablaze is an extraordinarily generous visual treat of The Jam live with a full concert from The PhillipsHalle in Dusseldorf, Germany on the 30th of November 1980, and it may well be even better than the group live in Newcastle, England October 1980. It is Weller and the group at its very best, most tuneful AND most aggressive, and gosh, I don’t even hear a mistake. If forced to say something negative…well, I might wonder aloud didn’t German girls like the group, too? since it looks kind of like a heavy metal audience here, or about 90% male. and they might not be up there in sociological understanding to the Newcastle England audience. Looking at this you cant help wonder if the German who were there actually witness one of the greatest rock n roll concerts in history.

Track list:
1. Dreamtime
2. Thick As Thieves
3. Boy About Town
4. Going Underground
5. Pretty Green
6. Man In The Cornershop
7. Set The House Ablaze
8. Private Hell
9. Liza Radley
10. Dreams Of Children
11. The Modern World
12. Little Boy Soldiers
13. But I’m Different Now
14. Start!
15. Scrape Away
16. Strange Town
17. When You’re Young
18. In The City
19. To Be Someone
20. David Watts
21. The Eton Rifles
22. Down In The Tube Station

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