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The Killer Barbies ‎–Freakshow dvd/cd


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Dvd with bonus cd

Who could be better suited for an audio-visual medium than the Spanish trash-punk act The Killer Barbies under the guidance of the incredibly sexy Silvia Superstar? This is band that lives in a world of B and C movies so their promo videos together with Silvia’s screen appearances makes it an enjoyable mix. 11 promo videos or short films if you want to call them that together with live material, behind the scenes, a bonus cd and a picture gallery with more than 80s pictures it makes this a release well worth its money.

Dvd track list:
1. Intro
2. I Wanna Live In Tromaville
3. Lovekiller
4. In India
5. Freakshow
6. Solo Para Ti
7. Lost Control
8. Gente Pez
9. At The Studio
10. Making Of They Come From Mars
11. They Come From Mars
12. In New York
13. Downtown
14. Making Of Dracula Vs Killer Barbies
15. Making Of Candy
16. Candy
17. Tokyo
18. Live
19. Have Some Fun

Cd track list:
1. Goin Wild
2. Sculls
3. Fui Yo
4. Mas Alla
5. Voy A Robar Tu Amor
6. Bajo Mi Pie
7. Candy

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