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The Kristet Utseende -Under Kemiska Änglars Vingar mcd


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The Kristet Utseende is a punk metal combo from Gnarp in the north of Sweden. The lyrics are often bringing up themes like religion, drugs and homosexuality spiced with a large quantity of humour. The Kristet Utseende say that their genre of music is ‘toilet metal’. Judge for yourself. Musically influenced by band such as Slayer, Venom and Kiss. This album features one track (‘Grogga Med Gastar’) from the 2006 album ‘Sieg Hallelujah’ backed up by lots or rare previously unreleased material

Track listing:
1. I Nattens Lyster
2. Under Kemiska Anglars Vingar
3. Grogga Med Gastar
4. Holkstar-unreleased promo track
5. The Kristet Utseende Cinema-movie clip
6. The Kristet Utseende 1992-2 unreleased demo tracks
7. Screensaver
8. Wallpapers
9. Brev Fran Pastor Fahlberg

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