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The Legion -A Bliss To Suffer cd


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A Bliss To Suffer is the Swedish band The Legions darkest, most destructive and mature work to date. The bands dark and gloomy roots, the relentless speed and severe brutality blend together with rather atmospheric elements this time, taking already lethal concoctions to new heights. Legion features ex-Marduk drummer Emil Dragutinovic and the album has artwork once more done by masterpainter Kris Verwimp. If you like your black/death metal extreme and uncompromising yet with enough variation and fresh elements to keep up your interest, then The Legion is the band of the future. Buy, listen and be convinced

Track list:
1. Shining Redemption
2. Call Of The Nameless Black
3. A Toil Beneath The Skin
4. Blood, Be Gone
5. A Curse For The Dead
6. The Luring Depths
7. The Inimical
8. Man-Beast
9. The Reaping Of Flesh And Blood

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