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The Lumberjack Feedback –Mere Mortals cd


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France’s The Lumberjack Feedback has been pumping out a steady flow of instrumental sludge/doom metal for a decade now. In addition to the usual two guitars and a bass player, the band also has two drummers in an effort to create loud and resonant rhythm sections. The two drummers is the pulsating force in the band. Their 2016 album Mere Mortals is an instrumental pacemaker fueled by raging riffs. The beautifully grim atmosphere created by the band makes Mere Mortals a prime listen for a lazy, cold and rainy day stuck inside the house. In regards to the dual drumming; although the two percussionists often play similar parts, the moments when they do diverge into different sections really pays off. For fans of instrumental sludge and doom

Track list:
1. Therapy ?
2. Kill! Kill! Kill! Die! Die! Die!
3. New Order (Of The Ages) – Part I
4. New Order (Of The Ages) – Part II
5. Wind’s Last Blow
6. A White Horse (Called Death)
7. Kobe (The Doors Of Spirit)

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