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The Night Flight Orchestra ‎–Aeromantic dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover

The Night Flight Orchestra’s album Aeromantic was released in February of 2020 and this time the band presented an airborne soap opera about the inevitable heartbreak, the endless longing, the futile nostalgia and the occasional moments of euphoria you experience when you’re always leaving where you should have been going, traveling to where you should have been. Its a decadent, melancholic but life affirming assault on all of your senses. The Night Flight Orchestra has expanded their sound, and Aeromantic is an album that contains all your guilty pleasures, everything from mind-melting hard rock, sultry soul grooves, new age bleakness, shameless pop songs and death-defying power ballads.

Track list:
1. Servants Of The Air
2. Divinyls
3. If Tonight Is Our Only Chance
4. This Boy’s Last Summer
5. Curves
6. Transmissions
7. Aeromantic
8. Golden Swansdown
9. Taurus
10. Carmencita Seven
11. Sister Mercurial
12. Dead Of Winter

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