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The Obsessed ‎–Live At Big Dipper lp [silver]


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Reduced price due to a 3 cm seam split on upper spine

Silver vinyl

Led by Wino, the godfather of American Doom Metal, The Obsessed is one of the important bands in the history and evolution of the style. For the band’s 40th anniversary in 2020, the band decided to release this live bootleg of one of Wino’s favorite shows the original line-up ever played. We say bootleg because it’s a noisy, scratchy recording rescued from a worn aging tape that sounds like it was stored in a tool shed for 35 years. But despite the raw recroding, the performances are magic, and you can hear why this is a critical document of a seminal band at the peak of their early powers. Wino says: Years of spinning our wheels culminated in The Obsessed being known as a formidable live band, with a strange metal-glam-punk look. This show at the Big Dipper was one of the last if not the last show of the original Obsessed line-up, and it’s my favorite by far. It’s raw and noisy and took some cleanin’ up, but here it is. If it ain’t heavy, it ain’t shit!!!”

Track list:
1. Lifer City
2. Field Of Hours
3. Iron And Stone
4. Endless Circles
5. Leather Nuns
6. Decimation
7. Freedom
8. Mental Kingdom
9. Failsafe
10. Kill Ugly Naked-demo
11. A World Apart-demo
12. Higher Power-demo
13. Neatz Brigade-demo

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