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The Police ‎–Live 1977-2007 dvd


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After their first meeting in Newcastle in December 1976 it took almost two months before Sting and Andy Stewart performed the first show as The Police, on March 1, and in the meantime Sting performed the last few shows with Last Exit at several clubs in London. The Police also recorded the single Fall Out in a studio in London (the single wasn’t released before May 1977). The band went through line-up changes before recording their first album, Outlandos D’amour in January of 1978. The sound of The Police also changed during 1978 when Andy started to use echo and dub techniques during their live performances. In October 1978 The Police were invited to perform some songs for the TV-program Old Grey Whistle Test and the band also did Musikladen in Germany on the 18th of January 1979 when the band were out on a 20 date German tour. Both these TV shows can be found on this dvd. The bands popularity grew over the coming years but despite they being at the height of their fame, internal tensions caused the band to splinter apart in 1984, with Sting picking up the majority of the band’s audience to become an international superstar. Only at two occasions The Police reunited to play live, during the rest of the 80s and 90s. In June 1986 they performed three shows at the Conspiracy Of Hope tour to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Amnesty international. The Police headlined in Altanta, Chicago and East Rutherford after performances of Peter Gabriel, Bryan Adams and U2, the whos from Atlanta can be found on this dvd. On August 22, 1992 the trio played Roxanne and Message In A Bottle at the wedding of Sting and Trudie in Wiltshire. Then, in 2003, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted the group into its pantheon. The band did reorganize enough to perform three tunes at the induction ceremony, but again, it looked as if that single show was going to be the extent of their collaboration. Next real Police news came in conjunction with another seemingly one-off reunion gig — this time for the 49th Annual Grammy Awards. Amid the hoopla, it was announced that the Police would indeed be embarking on a world tour, beginning on May 28, 2007, in Vancouver. The Hall Of Fame, Grammy Awards and the pressconference for the 2007 world tour are all included here as well as lvie excerpts from the January 2007 performance at the Whiskey A Go-Go club in Los Angeles. So fans of The Police and Sting need to ad this dvd to their collection.

Track list:
1. Can’t Stand Losing You-Old Grey Whistle Test 2 October 1978
2. Next To You-Old Grey Whistle Test 2 October 1978
3. So Lonely-Musikladen Extra 18 January 1979
4. Fall Out-Musikladen Extra 18 January 1979
5. Born In The 50s-Musikladen Extra 18 January 1979
6. Hole In My Shoe-Musikladen Extra 18 January 1979
7. Peanuts-Musikladen Extra 18 January 1979
8. Landlord-Musikladen Extra 18 January 1979
9. Roxanne-Musikladen Extra 18 January 1979
10. Truth Hits Everybody-Musikladen Extra 18 January 1979
11. Message In A Bottle-Concert For Amnesty International 11 June 1986
12. King Of Pain-Concert For Amnesty International 11 June 1986
13. Driven To Tears-Concert For Amnesty International 11 June 1986
14. Every Breath You Take-Concert For Amnesty International 11 June 1986
15. Roxanne-Concert For Amnesty International 11 June 1986
16. Invisible Sun-with Bono from U2-Concert For Amnesty International 11 June 1986
17. I Shall Be Released-Concert For Amnesty International 11 June 1986
18. Every Breath You Take-Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame February 2003
19. Roxanne-Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame February 2003
20. Cant Stand Losing You-Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame February 2003
21. Roxanne-Grammy Awards January 2007
22. Pressconference For 2007 World Tour With Live Excerpts From Whiskey A Go-Go January 2007

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