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The Quill -Evermore 10″ [blue]


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Original 1999 pressing on blue 10” vinyl

Swedish retro band The Quill was formed in the early 1990s Their self-titled debut The Quill was recorded in just three weeks. The album got an overwhelming reception by the critics and was later voted number 70 in Sweden’s biggest newspaper Aftonbladet poll, Top 100 albums of the year. In August of 1997 the band again entered Berno Studio in Malmö and started working on the second album Silver Haze. A month later the band had recorded 13 new songs. Since the release of the album was delayed and The Quill had written some new songs that they wanted on the album, so they re-entered Berno Studios in the summer of 1998 again. The beginning of 1999 finally saw the release of Silver Haze but their were also material left over from the two studio sessions so this 10# EP, Evermore, saw the release that summer on Leif Edling’s (of Candlemass fame) label Froghouse Records

Track list:
1. Evermore
2. Fairies Wear Boots-Black Sabbath cover
3. Sparrow
4. Silver Haze

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