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The Rocking Dildos –On Speed cd [promo]


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PROMOTIONAL ONLY means issued by record company in very limited quantity and sent to selected Industry professionals ONLY for promotional consideration/airplay. Never for sale and highly collectible releases

French promo cd in cardboard sleeve.

The Rocking Dildos was a punk hardcore crust side project of Impaled Nazarene members. The band were only active during 1997 where they recorded their two albums; On Speed and Horny Hit Parade. For many years it was unclear who was behind this quartet as members went under the name of Frank. The idea that the band members were hiding behind fake names was probably a good idea because their music and lyrics are as offensive as it could be while still being legal. Everything here is about sex, alcohol and being political incorrect. You can almost see the band relaxing in a sauna in the Finnish woods high on speed and alcohol trying to come up with the funniest lyrics they can to offend people. The music is fast and the 18 songs blasts through your speakers within half an hour. So youre matter of taste matters a lot here. If you think song titles like Pregnant Women Must Die, Vegetarian Cunts, Hangover Wank are fun or stupid probably determines a lot if you will like this or not. The music itself is made up of fast drums, distorted bass, palm muted guitar, and shrieked lyrics. If you are familiar with Impaled Nazarene’s All That You Fear album, you will get the idea. And if you dont read the lyrics then you wont be offended because the lyrics are buried in that chaotic mess of musical aggression that only Impaled Nazarene members can create. So no matter if you think its fun or stupid I would still say that bands such as Extreme Hot Sauce and S.O.D. did it with better taste then The Rocking Dildos managed to do.

Track list:
1. Vegeterian Cunts
2. Anal Blast
3. Blue Holocaust
4. Hangover Wank
5. Race With The Devil
6. The R.D. Anthem
7. Tender Bartender
8. Beach Party
9. Who Gives a Shit
10. Pregnant Women Must Die
11. Club Losers
12. Erection Of The Century
13. Watchadou2
14. Hellish Metal
15. Fuckaholics
16. Flop In The Hay
17. TNT Tits
18. 16 Inch Motherfucker

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Osmose Records / Kron-H Records

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