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The Savage Rose –Homeless lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover

Denmark’s psychedelic jazz, pop, rock band The Savage Rose released a new album in 2017 called Homeless. A new album after nearly fifty years of existence is something that few bands will be able to achieve. The theme on this album is still very much about society and the world we live in, and while the climate has changed a lot during these past 50 years the peaceful and beautiful music of Savage Rose is still very recognizable. It feels like youre taking a trip back to the glorious late sixties when all was ab out peace, love and happiness. The music is very relaxed and will enlightening your soul when you listen to it. Annisette‘s vocals are just amazing and even though she still has to face the same miseries and injustice of our society and world she never once scream out her anger but express her opinion with her lovely voice together with melodies and softness. Tracks like Homeless, Woman and Harassing are just a few tracks to show us things that are still wrong in our world and its as important now as ever. Its an album that will shiver your bones

Track list:
1. Homeless
2. We Go On
3. Woman
4. Darling Dear
5. Harassing
6. Exit
7. Sorrow’s Hands
8. That’s Where I’m Going
9. Romano Song

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