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The Seal Of RLyeh / Scapegoat –The Eldritch Rites Of Cthulhu cd


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Split cd in cardboard cover

This split album between The Seal Of R’Lyeh from Greece and Scapegoat from Usa is a 50 minute long dark ambient ritual journey based upon the Cthulhu mythos stories, as written by HP Lovecraft. Minimal tunes and hypnotic harmonies open the gates to the dream lands and doomscapes of H.P.Lovecraft where the Other Gods dwell. A dark journey through cosmic abysses, forbidden lands and astral seas to the sunken shrine of R’Lyeh.

Track list:
1. The Seal Of R’Lyeh -The Void That Draws Inward The Light
2. The Seal Of R’Lyeh -The Quest Of Iranon
3. Scapegoat -The Arrival Of The Deep Ones
4. Scapegoat -Dagons Mass

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Sutekh Productions ‎/ Slaughterhouse Records

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SP 03