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The Sisters Of Mercy ‎–Vision Thing MC


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Polish pressed music cassette. Clear Takt Music cassette without titles

Vision Thing is another goth rock classic by Sisters Of Mercy. Floodland and First And Last And Always may arguably be more innovative and there were a clear shift in musical direction at this time. After scoring big time with Floodland, Sisters of Mercy frontman Andrew Eldritch changed direction once again, heading this time for a guitar-based techno-rock feel. The title track became a club hit, where the driving tempo and distorted guitars provided a perfect dancefloor atmosphere. There are less doom and darkness allright, but the songs each are still catchy as hell. The Jim Steinman-produced More and the clever I Was Wrong are the album’s highlights so even if this isnt as strong at the previous album it still works and is worth checking out

Track list:
1. I Was Wrong
2. When You Don’t See Me
3. Ribbons
4. Doctor Jeep
5. Vision Thing
6. Detonation Boulevard
7. Something Fast
8. More

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