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The Sisters Of Mercy –A Comeback Of Sorts dvd


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Original vocalist Andrew Eldritch have been touring with The Sisters Of Mercy since 1996. This release was taped at the Sport Park Tasmadjan in Belgrade, Serbia on the 13th of June 2006. At about 21:30, the smoke machines started, the stage disappeared into the fog and The Sisters Of Mercy Intro music started. Soon after, Robochrist (Chris Catalyst) materialised out of the mist and we were launched into Crash And Burn, a steam roller of a track to start the set with. The instantly recognisable Ribbons followed, greeted with a roar from the assembled masses and we were quickly taken into the Dr Jeep-Detonation Boulevard medley. Up next was one of the nights two holy grails, Still, a new track with a similar sound to Summer and Crash And Burn. A sing-along-a When You Don’t See Me followed and kick-started the crowd once again. After Dominion/Mother Russia we got Slept, the second new song. After a storming version of This Corrosion the band left the stage and came back for Something Fast and a short version of Lucretia. Top Nite Out and Temple Of Love brought the house down. Stunning.

Track List
1. Crash And Burn
2. Ribbons
3. Doctor Jeep/Detonation Boulevard
4. Still
5. When You Don’t See Me
6. Flood I
7. Giving Ground
8. Summer
9. Dominion/Mother Russia
10. Slept
11. Alice
12. Anaconda
13. Romeo Down/Never Land
14. We Are The Same, Susanne
15. This Corrosion
16. Something Fast
17. Lucretia
18. Top Nite Out
19. Temple Of Love

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