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The Smiths ‎–Hamburg Knows I‘m Miserable Now dvd


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In late 1983, the Smiths had already been the subject of controversy over Reel Around The Fountain, a song that had been aired on a BBC radio session and was alleged to condone child abuse. It was the first time that Morrissey’s detached, literary, and ironic lyrics were misinterpreted and it wouldn’t be the last. Suffer Little Children, which was about the notorious Moors Murders, The Hand That Rocks The Cradle as well as Morrissey denounced the hunger-relief efforts of Band Aid were other cases that would stirr up controversy. In February 1984, the group released their debut album The Smiths, which reached number two on the UK Albums Chart.In March 1984, they performed on Channel 4 music program The Tube and two months later they appeared on the TV again. This time it was a live recording from The Markthalle in Hamburg on Germany on the 6th of May 1984.This Hamburg shows can be found on this limited dvd release. Here you have a damn fine selection of short, sharp, snappy Smiths’ songs. You’ll also note that the band repeat tracks as an encore—obviously they didn’t have enough songs back then—finishing on Barbarism Begins At Home which would feature on their 1985 album Meat is Murder. Thsi show in Hamburg was the only concert that The Smiths gave in Germany

Track list:
1. Hand In Glove
2. Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now
3. Girl Afraid
4. This Charming Man
5. Pretty Girls Make Graves
6. Still Ill
7. Barbarism Begins at Home
8. This Night has Opened my Eyes
9. Miserable Lie
10. You’ve Got Everything Now
11. Handsome Devil
12. What Difference Does it Make
13. These Things Take Time
14. This Charming Man
15. Backstage With The Smiths
16. Hand in Glove
17. Backstage With The Smiths
18. Barbarism Begins At Home

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