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The Temple –Forevermourn lp


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Black vinyl. Limited 411 copies

The Greek doom metal act The Temple released their debut album, Forevermourn, in March of 2016. Forevermourn is an excellent piece of classic Doom Metal, with the sad landscapes of guitars and slow drum patterns that characterize this genre, evocating suffering, and unimaginable loss. The album has is own soul and originality, even if adhering to the most classic melodic style of doom, tradition here doesn’t mean lack of originality nor beauty; in fact it has been a while since I put a doom album on repeat like with Forevermourn. The low-tuned guitars and thick wall of sound are strongly present in each song. It is one tune blending into the other flawlessly, without a hesitation, like identical twins, but still each with is own gloomy soul, disconsolate character, and dark peculiarities. Both the music and the lyrics intend to evoke a sense of despair, dread, and impending doom. We find an interesting recording style with double-layered vocals, which gives an impression of a gloomy choir. With its extremely introspective lyrics, it’s a never-ending desperate litany, an excruciating lament. Overall a wonderful debut album full of impressive melodies and deep emotions.

Track list:
1. The Blessing
2. Qualms In Regret
3. Remnants
4. Death The Only Mourner
5. Mirror Of Souls
6. Beyond The Stars
7. Until Grief Reaps Us Apart

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