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The Tip ‎–Sailors Grave cd


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Sleazy, bluesy, greasy – the American epicentre of music shows it’s balls again! Let us introduce you to The Tip from Nashville. Long nights, hot licks and the unbridled energy of the four pack are what wet rock n roll dreams are made of. Their self titled debut came out in 2015 and was followed by Sailors Grave in 2016. The second album shows a band that has matured. Its a flawless album, solid musicianship, catchy songs, clever lyrics, great kick-ass, good time, bad-ass rock ‘n’ roll. These dudes are no hacks – they can play. And they can write great songs. If you are new to these guys, think New York Dolls meets Bon Scott era AC/DC with some heavy blues influence served up on the gritty side. Forget the Black Crowes and Darkness comparisons, The Tip is far better in terms of songwriting (and style) and different in their own right. This is rock and roll defined. Lots of attitude, style, decadence and swagger. For rock fans, you can’t go wrong with this one (or their first)

Track list:
1. Struttin
2. Rock N Roll Heaven
3. Aint Fakin It
4. Can You Smell The Money
5. Corner Bag Blues
6. Bad Karma
7. Get The Fuck Out
8. Whiskey And Coke
9. Sailors Grave

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