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The Troops Of Doom –The Absence Of Light lp


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Black vinyl with poster and insert

The 2021 mini album The Rise Of Heresy was an absolute ripping affair. It was a fond harken back to the early days of Sepultura when Jairo Tormentor Guedz was in the band, before the critical acclaim and commercial success of Beneath The Remains onwards hit. A more innocent time perhaps. According to the the band The Absence Of Light is a conceptual work inspired by the book Leviathan, from 17th century English philosopher Thomas Hobbes. This work is regarded as one of the earliest and most influential examples of social contract theory; which espouses the legitimacy of the authority of the state over the individual. The artwork by Brazilian painter Maramgoni doesn’t stray too far from the Dante’s Inferno style imagery of The Rise Of Heresy. The artwork fits perfectly as there is no Dream Theatre or Opeth style noodling here just brutality and bludgeoning. Act II – The Monarch features Possessed legend Jeff Becerra on vocals. It would have been easy for Jairo and his bandmates to have replicated the winning formula of the deservedly lauded The Rise Of Heresy. However, they opted to take a risk and experiment and they managed to do so without sacrificing any of the heaviness and speed we have come to know and love. Sepultura and most thrash fans need this

Track list:
1. Introduction – The Absence Of Light
2. Act I – The Devils Tail
3. Act II – The Monarch-featuring Jeff Becerra
4. Antichrist
5. The Devils Tail
6. The Monarch

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