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The Who ‎–Tommy Demos 1968 cd


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The Who’s rock opera Tommy is one of the most revisited albums of its age. By 1968, Townshend was unsure about how the Who should progress musically. The group were no longer teenagers, but he wanted their music to remain relevant. The Who’s commercial success was on the wane after the single “Dogs” failed to make the top 20, and there was a genuine risk of the band breaking up. He decided that the Who should record a series of songs that stood well in isolation, but formed a cohesive whole on the album. In August 1968, in an interview to Rolling Stone, Townshend talked about a new rock opera, which had the working title of Deaf, Dumb and Blind Boy, and described the entire plot in great detail, which ran to 11 pages. The rest of the Who, however, were enthusiastic about the idea, and let him have artistic control over the project. This album called “Pete Townshend Demos For The Who, Tommy” features 1968 demo material. For fans of The Who there is no word that can describe how truly great this album is. The foundation of Tommy, the blueprint to that landmark album. A lot of this stuff is spartan, just Pete and his guitars, with some tracks delving into multi-track trickery. Apparently done in Pete’s home studio and the various song ideas for Tommy was pretty much established before hitting the main recording studio. Song for song, this is the best Peter Townshend solo album. His musicianship on guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums is very impressive. The story of Tommy is told as much through those reoccurring musical motifs and signatures as it is through lyrics detailing the plight and triumph of a deaf, dumb, blind boy. If anyone knew on that night where the epic album would lead, it was only Pete Townshend. But what a glint he must have had in his eye.

Track list:
1. Overture
2. It’s A Boy
3. 1921
4. Amazing Journey
5. Sparks
6. Christmas
7. The Acid Queen
8. Underture
9. Do You Think It’s Alright
10. Fiddle About
11. Pinball Wizard
12. There’s A Doctor
13. Go To The Mirror
14. Success
15. Tommy Can You Hear Me
16. Smash The Mirror
17. Sensation
18. Miracle Cure
19. Sally Simpson
20. I’m Free
21. Welcome
22. Tommy’s Holiday Camp
23. We’re Not Gonna Take It
24. I Believe My Own Eyes

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