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The Who ‎–You Are Who cd


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In 1976-1978 The Who had problems. Times and music were changing, the punk movement sweeping through Britain’s underground and this was threatening to bands like The Who that was seen upon as dinosaurs past their prime. Pete Townshend was doing his best to keep his band afloat but the material he was working on was no way reflecting on what was going on around them. He had no plans to incorporate any punk riffs onto a The Who album, instead we got progressive rock elements that he was suppose to produce so it could be appealing to commercial rock radio at the time. The demos written for Who Are You features some of Townshends most complicated arrangements and then he wanted to ad several layers of strings and synthesizers to give the tracks more life. This album features demos from that period and sometimes you get tracks that sounds like totally alternative versions while on others youre surprised of how similar to the final album version the sounds. Pete Townsend wrote almost complete albums the whole time before he presented them to the band and sometimes most of his ideas were kept to the finished recording.

Track list:
1. Who Are You-studio outtake
2. Who Are You-original Townsend demo
3. Love Is Coming Down-original Townsend demo
4. New Song-original Townsend demo mix
5. Sister Disco-original Townsend demo mix
6. Never Ask Me-original Townsend demo mix
7. I Like It That Way-Townsend acoustic version
8. Love Is Wine-unreleased Townsend song
9. Keep On Working-original Townsend demo
10. Guitar And Pen-original Townsend demo
11. Music Must Change-original Townsend demo mix
12. Empty Glass-original Townsend demo
13. No Road Romance-original Townsend demo mix
14. Barbara Ann-studio outtake
15. Peppermint Lump-original Townsend demo with Angie

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