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Theatre ‎-Sexy Lady/City Lights And More cd


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For fans of melodic hard rock, there have always been those hard-to-find Gems that are often sought after, but near impossible to find. Chicago’s very own Theatre released a cd back in 1990 entitled Sexy Lady, and almost ever since, it’s been at the top of collector’s lists. When a copy of Sexy Lady has surfaced on ebay in the past, it has consistently fetched anywhere from $150-$650. So what makes Theatre’s music so in demand and desirable amongst hardcore collector’s and melodic rock fans alike? Its commercial, its catchy, and its memorable! Theatre formed in 1988 and quickly stole the spotlight from the top bands on the Chicago hard rock club scene. The fans loved the catchy sing-along songs combined with a vibrant, non-stop, hard-rocking live show…and word quickly spread. It also didn’t hurt that when the band did perform live, they were well-rehearsed, energetic, and always the consummate professionals. There was something different about Theatre that a lot of the other bands lacked – maybe it was that X Factor that was innate in so many bands – it was something you either had or didn’t have – you couldn’t go out and buy it – Theatre had it! Theatre best describes their own style as Accessible to people with distinctly different tastes. They combine passionate vocals (featuring three and four part harmonies) with intricate twin guitars, occasional keyboards, and a driving rhythm section that is definitely the backbone of this five piece band. There songs are derived from personal experiences of love, heartbreak, and the trials and tribulations of life. This helps people to connect with the lyrics on a personal level; the melody that is stuck in your head for a week after hearing Theatre’s music helps people to connect with the band’s music even further. Sexy Lady/City Lights And More features the highly sought after Sexy Lady album with the addition of nine additional tracks. Six of the tracks come from the once cassette-only album City Lights which was released in 1989, a year prior to Sexy Lady. City Lights, an album every bit as good as Sexy Lady, flew under the radar as cassettes were starting to lose favor to the compact disc. The cassettes of City Lights quickly sold-out of the initial run at live shows and were never repressed or manufactured on CD. As if that wasnt enough, the band was able to come up with three never-before-released tracks: Baby, Good Love and Stay With Me.

Track list:
1. City Lights-City Lights cassette 1989
2. Better Think Twice-City Lights cassette 1989
3. On And On-City Lights cassette 1989
4. Fight It-City Lights cassette 1989
5. Your Sorrys-City Lights cassette 1989
6. Like You-City Lights cassette 1989
7. Sexy Lady-Sexy Lady 1990
8. Hold On To Love-Sexy Lady 1990
9. Just A Little Longer-Sexy Lady 1990
10. Fallen Tears-Sexy Lady 1990
11. My Way Home-Sexy Lady 1990
12. Dirty Secrets-Sexy Lady 1990
13. Kiss Me Goodbye-Sexy Lady 1990
14. Baby-previously unreleased
15. Good Love-previously unreleased
16. Stay With Me-previously unreleased

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