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Them -Back In The Garden Where Death Sleeps 7″


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Black vinyl single. Limited 750 copies

Back In The Garden Where Death Sleeps single from 2019 features two exclusive new songs and the first sign of the new music since the much-acclaimed studio album Manor Of The Se7en Gables. Singer KK Fossor says about the song: As Peter Thompson and his men storm into the Manor, Remsen quickly escapes through the basement’s secret stairwell shown to him by Sarah the scullery maid. Remsen’s quest to fulfil the second part of his master’s plan now begins. It includes him returning…to Sweet Hollow? Besides the new title track we also have a cover version of the Goblin classic from the 1985 Dario Argento movie titled Phenomena.

Track list:
1. Back In The Garden Where Death Sleeps
2. Phenomena-Goblin cover

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Spv/Steamhammer Records

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