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Them -Return To Hemmersmoor dlp [blue]


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Double album on blue vinyls with gatefold cover

Return To Hemmersmoor is the third part of a trilogy that was launched back in 2016 on Sweet Hollow and continued in 2018 with Manor Of The Se7en Gables. Return To Hemmersmoor takes up where the thematic thread of it’s two predecessors left off and brings the story to a gripping finale, documenting at the same time the band’s unmistakable musical evolvement. Them is known to mix thrash and power metal with each other, this time slightly increasing the amount of thrash, which raises the average degree of hardness. There is still room for melodies and Troy Norr can still sound like King Diamond when he wants too.

Track list:
1. Diluvium
2. Age Of Ascension
3. The Tumultuous Voyage To Hemmersmoor
4. Free
5. Field Of Immortality
6. The Thin Veil
7. Waken
8. Memento Mori
9. Hellhounds: The Harbingers Of Death
10. Battle Blood
11. Maestros Last Stand
12. Finis

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SPV / Steamhammer Records

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SPV 242821 2LP

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