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Therion -Aarab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with 4 page insert. Limited 400 numbered copies

Sixth full-length album released by the Swedish heavy metal band released the same year the band celebrated their tenth anniversary. The album includes unused songs from the album Theli, cover songs plus a full soundtrack made independently for the film The Golden Embrace. For fans of the band its a historic album and a glimpse at the material written during Therion’s transitional stage from death metal into symphonic metal. Their masterpiece Vovin was just around the corner

Track list:
1. In Remembrance
2. Black Fairy
3. Fly To The Rainbow-Scorpions cover
4. Children Of The Damned-Iron Maiden cover
5. Under Jolly Roger-Running Wild cover
6. Symphony Of The Dead
7. Here Comes The Tears-Judas Priest cover
8. Enter Transcendental Sleep-Therion version
9. The Quiet Desert-Therion version
10. Down The Qliphothic Tunnel-Therion version
11. Up To Netzach/Floating Back-Therion version
12. The Fall Into Eclipse
13. Enter Transcendental Sleep
14. The Gates To A’ Arab Zaraq Are Open
15. The Quiet Desert
16. Down The Qliphothic Tunnel
17. Up To Netzach
18. Floating Back

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