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Therion -Leviathan II lp


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Black vinyl in gatefold cover

Enter Leviathan, enter a trilogy focusing on all the trademark elements Therion are beloved by countless of metal fans around the globe. After the first part set hearts a flame in 2021, evoking goosebumps galore and reminiscing the glory days of the nineties, the symphonic metal grand-seigneurs continue their surprisingly fan-friendly path with their epic odyssey Leviathan II.

Track list:
1. Aeon Of Maat
2. Litany Of The Fallen
3. Alchemy Of The Soul
4. Lunar Coloured Fields
5. Lucifuge Rofocale
6. Marijin Min Nar
7. Hades And Elysium
8. Midnight Star
9. Cavern Cold As Ice
10. Codex Gigas
11. Pazuzu

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