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Therion -Time Shall Tell lp [splatter]


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2022 re-issue on oxblood and black splatter vinyl with lyric sheet. Limited 250 copies

Therion was formed in Upplands Vasby (a suburb to Stockholm, Sweden) in 1987 by Christofer Johnsson, under the name Blitzkrieg. Christofer was at that time playing the bass and vocals. The line-up consisted beside him: Peter Hansson on guitar and Oskar Forss on drums. Peter and Chris had been jamming together in another group (a jam-group rather than a band would be correct to say) earlier that year and Chris had been trying to put something together with various people earlier, before Blitzkrieg finally became a reality. Oskar was an old school mate of his. Blitzkrieg had influences such as old records by Slayer and Metallica, but sounded maybe more in the direction of Venom and Motorhead. Not many know, as they never recorded any demos and only did 2 concerts before they decided to break up in early 1988. Chris however never gave up the idea and during a few months he switched to guitar, started to be influenced by bands like Celtic Frost and reformed the band with Peter under the name MegaTherion. After a while, Oskar returned to the band and there they were, but with a new name and a new death metal oriented sound. After some time they found the bass player Erik Gustafsson (Dismember) whom can be heard on the first recordings. Shortly after the name was changed to Therion. With this line-up the band recorded 2 demos (the first one had the later Dismember singer Matti Karki on vocals in a short attempt where Chris wanted to focus on the guitar), one mini-LP ‘Time Shall Tell’ and one full length LP/CD ‘Of Darkness’, that would make the band known as one of the most promising upcoming death metal underground bands. The vinyl release Time Shall Tell was released by a local record store in 1,000 copies. This was actually the third demo recording that got released as a record instead of cassette. This includes some fast, complex and creative grinding death metal for all fans of the early Therion material

Track list:
1. Time Shall Tell
2. Dark Eternity
3. Asphyxiate With Fear
4. A Suburb To Hell

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HHR 2022-13