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Thiago Bianchis Arena -Same cd


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Thiago Bianchis Arena is a project that was born in the 90s, with songs composed by Thiago (Karma) and Tito Falaschi. Their debut album Arena has good traditional Heavy Metal with the clear influence of Power Metal, but with a different insight. So be prepared to be hooked by the good melodies and great choruses. The invited guests are stars from their homeland Brazil like: Maria Odette (Thiago’s mother and a widely known singer in Brazil), Kiko Loureiro, Edu Ardanuy, Aquiles Priester, Fernando Quesada, Junior Carelli, Mozart Mello, Felipe Andreoli, Mike Orlando, Edu Falaschi, Michel Leme, Nando Fernandes, Tito Falaschi, Ricardo Confessori, Leo Mancini, Kadu Averbach, Marcell Cardoso, Andre Hernandes, Nelson Junior, Marcelo Moreira, Gabrieu Kaue, Fabrizio Di Sarno, Leo Belling, Thiago Buslik, Chris Passos, Marcelo Pompeu, Guga Machado, André Brunnetti, Gabriel Triani, and Vandre Nascimento. All of them gave their personal contribution to make the album greater than it already was. The best moments: the fine guitar arrangements of “The Scar Is The Pay Off”, the heavy “Trust Me”, the typical Power Metal songs “Nova Era” (fast and melodic) and “I Live” (with its lovely melodic lines and excellent vocals), the jazz and Pop flavour of the personalized version of “Woman In Chains”, from Tears For Fears (and here you’ll hear the fine singing of Maria Odete with Thiago, mother and son united by the same passion that is music); the heaviness shown by guitars on “Learn To Let It Go”, the soft and tender weight of the harmonies on the ethereal “Glance”, the aggressiveness of “Mr. Caretaker” and “Spoiled”, the elegance and excellent bass guitar parts of “To Choose”, the introspective feeling of “Life Is…”, and the raw and bitter energy on the fast “To Choose”. This is a wonderful album and all the sales of the album was send to institutions for children with special health conditions like cancer.

Track list:
1. Voices
2. The Scar Is The Pay Off
3. Trust Me
4. Nova Era
5. I Live
6. Woman In Chains-Tears For Fears cover
7. Learn To Let It Go
8. Glance
9. Mr. Caretaker
10. Adore
11. Spoiled
12. Hear
13. Life Is
14. To Choose

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