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Thobbe Englund ‎–The Draining Of Vergelmer cd


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2018 release. As a teenager, he watched Yngwie Malmsteen shred his socks off in an instructional video, and from that moment on he knew what to do with his life. Eight hours per day of burning passion and dedication well into his twenties led Thobbe to gain 100% control of the instrument, a Stratocaster – and this is where the journey started. After a stint in Raubtier he joined Sabaton in 2012 for several albums and in 2017 he started his solo career. In 2018 Thobbe is going back to the roots of heavy metal, the time has come to move forward into the landscape of metal and shred. So The Draining of Vergelmer is something that really pushes ahead with more of everything. Faster guitars, faster drums, louder screams, and simply more of everything. The album contains vocal guest appearances by Joakim Brodén (Sabaton), Patrik J. Selleby (Bloodbound) and Hulkoff (Raubtier).

Track list:
1. Thou Ancient, Thou Free
2. Illuminati
3. Heart Of Metal
4. Fingerspitzengefuhl
5. Viking-with Pär Hulkoff
6. Odins Hall
7. The Land Where You Belong
8. I Am A Viking-Yngwie J Malmsteen cover-with Patrik J. Selleby and Joakim Brodén
9. Aim And Fire
10. The Ghost And The Darkness

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