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Thomas Silver ‎–The Gospel According To Thomas lp [gold]


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2019 reissue on gold vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 150 copies

Thomas Silver always wanted to be a rock star. That much is clear on the wonderful last song here, “All Those Crazy Dreams”. The anthem contains these words: “denim clad, with worn out t-shirts, playing football and dreaming of shiny guitars.” But for Silver it became real when he things started to happen for his former band Hardcore Superstar. Then in 2008 he left because at the time he was bored of touring and making music. Years went by and rumours started to spread that Silver was working on a solo album. More years went by and the same people now said that this was probably one of those album that never was going to be finished. So ten years down the road it finally appears. The Gospel According To Thomas is an impressive collection of songs and what will strike you first is the deep and dark voice of Silver. This is definitely more akin to The Mission than to Hardcore Superstars. But i wouldnt say that this is a pure goth album because Silver is brought up on 70s glam and 80s hardrock and it can be heard too. And not to forget is that Silver is also a splendid guitarist and some of his solos drips sleaze. So listening to this album you can get all kinds of vibes from anything from The Mission to David Bowie, from Backyard Babies to Mott The Hoople and The Cult and so on. No matter what; its a great album and it was definitely worth the wait. Just dont expect it to be a new Hardcore Superstar album

Track list:
1. Caught Between Worlds
2. Public Eye
3. Minor Swing
4. D-Day
5. Coming In, Going Under
6. Time Stands Still
7. Bury The Past
8. On A Night Like This
9. Mean Town
10. Not Invited
11. All Those Crazy Dreams

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