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Those Who Bring The Torture ‎–Towards Decay cd


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The Swedish death metal band Those Who Bring The Torture released their ninth album, Towards Decay, just in time for Christmas 2023. Its a furious blend of death metal, drawing from the old Swedish sounds akin to Hypocrisy. Also, infused with American-style death metal riffs. Each track is distinct, embodying themes of hate and violence, with slower segments adding a sense of ominous foreboding. Fans of bands like Hypocrisy, Grave, and Malevolent Creation will find Towards Decay a compelling addition to their music collection.

Track list:
1. Enter The Foul
2. The Overflow
3. The Morbid And The Sordid
4. Dusk Has Come
5. Of The Forgotten
6. Nothing Is Left Alive
7. The Punishment Machine
8. To Burn Out The Soul
9. Towards Decay

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