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Threshold –Paradox The Singles Collection 8cd [box]


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Collectors box set containing 8 singles with 24 tracks featuring exclusive remixes, previously unreleased tracks and a 20 page booklet.

Threshold are the long-running underdogs of progressive metal. Blending heavy riffs with saccharine choruses, they have carved a niche like no other, delivering perfect album after perfect album. This particular collection is more for the die hard fans. What you get here is a nice package with the individual discs fitting in the outer box, sort of like vinyl sleeves. Sure this could have been condensed into a 2 disc set but what we have here is relatively fun. There are three types of songs on this release. The first category is edited/acoustic/remix tracks. The radio versions of the longer tracks come out as surprisingly tasteful, just as the original tracks proved epic and twisting. The acoustic rendition of Flags and Footprints and compound mix of Tune in Tune Out are in particular quite appealing. The second type of track here is the unreleased form. All of the unreleased tracks here are absolute gems, all of them recorded specifically for this release. It was after legendary singer Mac died and features new vocal performances from their old singer Glynn Morgan and current singer Damian Wilson. Wilson’s 3 tracks: Conceal The Face, Shifting Sands (both of which I believe are updates of old tracks), and Smile At The Moon are all of top quality and Wilson sounds better than ever here. Smile at the Moon being the obligatory ballad with very sweet and delicate vocal melodies. Conceal the Face is an old track rerecorded and it is a good one showcasing Threshold’s original styling’s in a fresh new way. Morgan’s tracks feature the thrash-fuelled Fist of Tongues and emotional ballad Half Way Home, both top-quality Threshold material. The set also includes one live track. All in all it is a fantastic collection. When listening to it the way through you will not find a single poor track, it is all solid gold. Another piece of the Threshold legacy.

Track list:
1. Paradox-radio version
2. Conceal The Face
3. Shifting Sands
4. Sunseeker-radio version
5. Fist Of Tongues
6. Half Way Home
7. Virtual Isolation-radio version
8. Somatography-alternative version
9. Smile At The Moon
10. Freaks-radio version
11. Voyager II-urban version
12. Change-acoustic version
13. Light And Space-radio version
14. Long Way Home-alternative version
15. Turn On Tune In-compound version
16. Phenomenon-radio version
17. New Beginning
18. Round And Round-acoustic version
19. Mission Profile-radio version
20. Flags And Footprints-acoustic version
21. The Ravages Of Time-live version
22. Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams-radio version
23. Elusive-radio version
24. Safe To Fly-acoustic version

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