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Threshold –Wireless Acoustic Sessions cd


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Very rare private pressed cd

Basically, for almost every metalhead, even for those more inclined towards the progressive genre, an acoustic album is bad news. Yet, for this particular album, jumping into conclusions is not the best way to go. I’ll try to tell you why. The album contains acoustic remixes of 8 songs previously released on other albums, plus two songs, apparently written before the band got their first contract with a label – Seventh Angel and Conceal The Face. The word remixes is a well chosen term. What we have here on this album is not an unplugged session, or not just a regular unplugged session. The songs have new arrangements, some of them being quite hard to recognize, the difference between the original and the acoustic version being in most of the cases significant. Lovelorn is a very good example – only the lyrics can get you to recognize the original track from the Clone album. I could say some of these versions are more inspired than the originals. Anyhow, they definitely bring a new air, the band exploring new territories, with influences from jazz to r’n’b and pop. Threshold’s fans probably taste this as a treat. But even for those who are not familiar with Threshold’s previous works, is a good opportunity to meet one of the greatest progressive rock bands and make them curious about their other products.

Track list:
1. Fragmentation
2. Consume To Live
3. Seventh Angel
4. The Sheltering Sky
5. Part Of The Chaos
6. Innocent
7. Falling Away
8. Conceal The Face
9. Lovelorn
10. Narcissus

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