Threshold -Wounded Land dlp



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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover, 3 bonus tracks and a poster. Limited 250 copies

This is Threshold’s first album on a remastered cd, with three additional tracks. And what an impressive debut this was! From the start, Threshold established themselves as one of the best bands in progressive metal. Although similar in certain respects to early Queensryche, their style is actually quite original. Their trademark sound features a combination of heavy rhythm guitars and keyboards, creating a very full background. The lead guitar and upper-range, cream-textured vocals trace out complex melodic themes. The lyrics are intelligent, dealing with such themes as environmental degradation, and the Gulf War. The songwriting is consistently strong; every track on this album, ranging from the epics to more concise hard rock tracks, is a pleasure to listen to.

1. Consume To Live
2. Days Of Dearth
3. Sanitys End
4. Paradox
5. Surface To Air
6. Mother Earth
7. Siege Of Baghdad
8. Keep It With Mine
9. Intervention
10. Conceal The Face
11. Shifting Sands

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Nuclear Blast

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NB 2976-1

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