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Thrown ‎–The Suicidal Kings Occult cd


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I judged this album by its cover and was expecting a pure black metal album. Black metal wasnt something i was expecting from Pete Flesh of Maze Of Torment fame but then i was surprised to hear what a heavy album this was, not at all what i expected. Sure its a bleak album but far from black metal. Its heavy as hell and the slow doom music builds on classic doom riffs ala Black Sabbath, Trouble as well as newer stoner riffs like Orange Goblin or early Cathedral. The slow death style voice from Pete Flesh suits the music well. The music has such a pulsating rhythm and heavy Iommi worshipping riffs that the end result is quite impressive. Doom with a tasteful sense of both groove and melody. Check this out

Track list:
1. I’am All Dead
2. The Suicidal Kings Occult
3. Going Down
4. The Cure To Salvation
5. Silent Chorus
6. 10 Years Of Nothing
7. Once More I Loose All In The Mist
8. Jack The Tripper

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Iron fist productions

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