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Thulcandra -Hail The Abyss lp/7″ [wooden box]


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Deluxe wooden vinyl box with the album on blue vinyl, guitar tablature book with essentials from 2003 – 2023 (276pp, A4, spiral binding), a Black Sun Aeon 7″ vinyl single incl. two previously unreleased tracks, a record butler in album design, as well as playbacks for the tab-book. Limited 500 copies

Black-death metal force Thulcandra’s proves with their 2023 album yet again why they’re atop death metal’s malefic vedette. Their fifth attack, Hail The Abyss, showcases the band’s affinity for dark, aggressive and mellifluous metal while the album rips and terrorizes with the intensity of hell. As always, Thulcandra’s about a vibe – there’s always a unique feel that’s distinctly old-school, but without the tired trappings of it.

Track Listings
1 . In The Eye Of Heaven
2. Hail The Abyss
3. At Night
4. Velvet Damnation
5. On The Wings Of Cosmic Fire
6. Acheronian Cult
7. As I Walk Through The Gateway
8. Blood Of Slaves
9. In Darkness We Descend
10. The Final Closure

Vinyl single track list:
1. Black Sun Aeon
2. Legions Of The Black Flame

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