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Thyasorgvama –Suiagon MC


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Swedish pressed music cassette. Black cassette with white text. Limited 100 numbered copies

Thyasorgvama was a one man black metal project formed back in 2020. This nihilistic project was formed in Santiago Chile by Dionysokolakes Raskolnikoff a musician that also can be found in Condra, Gates Of Tyrant, Tagirion Est Tiferet, Faustgeist, Evil Forest and Telal. A busy man indeed. With Thyasorgvama he aims for chaos and madness. This is furious unpolished black metal. 7-tracks with a playtime of nearly 30 minutes. The band folded a year later. Only this cassette and two 2-track demos was left as testament of the bands existence

Track list:
1. Telluric Dance Of Scatological Omen
2. A Pit Around A New God
3. Spiteful Profligacy
4. Abyssic Evocation
5. Odalisque Of Sparkles
6. Slavist Will Of Misery
7. Autofania

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Graveless Souls Records

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