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Thynn Ice ‎–S/t cd


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Surely, one of the biggest secrets of US metal and for those who do know about it see this as one of the holy grails of underground US metal. Thynn Ice was formed in Concord, California back in 1982. Most of the members went to the same high-school but when they added an English guitarists Simon Charles Bryant they really got the best of both worlds. Duel guitar attack that could blend the American scene with the UK scene. The local high school radio constantly played tracks with Thynn Ice and the band got a loyal following in the SF Bay Area. The band performed lots of shows and opened up for acts such as Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Saxon, Y&T, Pat Travers and the likes. When vocalist Mike Ramiy joined the band took it to the next level. The band recorded 9-tracks for their debut album that were going to be released in 1992. 20 test pressings were made but for some unknown reasons the album never were released. When you have an album that sounds like bands such as Hawk, Apollo Ra, Fifth Angel, Riot and the likes, and you think that it was supposed to be released in the midst of the grunge era, then its easy to think it would have been an album that would just come and go without nobody even taking notice. Now its almost become legendary

Track list:
1. Victim Of The Fall
2. Lies
3. The Sound Of Mind
4. One More Last Time
5. Thynn Ice
6. Runnin’ Mean
7. Society’s Child
8. Life And Death
9. Midnite Strangler

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