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Tiamat ‎–Sumerian Cry lp [splatter]


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2021 re-issue on clear and red splatter vinyl with gatefold cover

Tiamats first album, Sumerian Cry, features slightly above average death metal, but this is actually a compliment considering that most bands in this genre take years to evolve past pure noise. The cryptic synthesizer of the instrumental title track soon gives way to the band’s brutal buzzsaw guitars and vocalist Hellslaughters (Johan Edlunds) gruff screaming and unintelligible lyrics. Still, Tiamat focuses on solid riffs and varying tempos instead of all-out speed (except on Evilized and The Malicious Paradise — these are pretty much all speed), obtaining especially interesting results on Apothesis of Morbidity and Sumerian Cry (Part 2).

Track list:
1. Intro: Sumerian Cry Part I
2. In The Shrines Of The Kingly Dead
3. The Malicious Paradise
4. Necrophagous Shadows
5. Apotheosis Of Morbidity
6. Nocturnal Funeral
7. Altar Flame
8. Evilized
9. Where The Serpents Ever Dwell
10. Outro: Sumerian Cry Part II
11. The Sign Of The Pentagram

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