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Tiamat -Judas Christ lp [clear]


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Clear vinyl with lyric insert

Judas Christ the seventh album from Tiamat sees the band more gothic than ever, here and there you find some parallels to bands like Mission, Sisters Of Mercy, Church like on the super-catchy Vote For Love or even more in I Am In Love With Myself, also the experimental-factor has been reduced a lot, only the really weird instrumental Sumer By Night is still a remainder of that, the rest is more accessible than ever.

Track list:
1. The Return Of The Son Of Nothing
2. So Much For Suicide
3. Vote For Love
4. The Truths For Sale
5. Fireflower
6. Sumer By Night
7. Love Is As Good As Soma
8. Angel Holograms
9. Spine
10. I Am In Love With Myself
11. Heaven Of High
12. Too Far Gone

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